"Who Will Fix Facebook?" Why care?

I don't entirely agree with Matt Taibbi's article but go along with it about 97%. He's just too "liberal" for me, liberal in the Paul Street sense. Matt too easily dismisses what he calls conspiracies, even though his article does state that not all conspiracies are false. What I'm saying is that he doesn't dig enough to legitimately rule out plenty of what he rules out. He appears to just take more of the mainstream's word for things way too much. I would prefer that he withhold final judgment on a whole host of issues rather than summarily dismissing them.

Whatever the democratic cure for what ails us, what we’re doing now is surely the opposite of it. We’ve empowered a small cadre of ex-spooks, tech executives, Senate advisers, autocratic foreign donors and mainstream-media panels to create an unaccountable system of star-chamber content reviews — which unsurprisingly seem so far to have mostly targeted their harshest critics.


As for Facebook, who cares? If nobody fixes it, more and more people will simply leave it. It will crash in the capitalistic sense for being what it has always been, hyper-capitalistic. The neocons have taken over at Facebook. It's as simple as that.

The solution is a replacement, not a fix. The solution is a nonprofit replacement, whether that nonprofit meets the IRS's definition of nonprofit or not. The solution is a replacement that thumbs its nose first and foremost at the neocons and so-called liberal-interventionists.

Let the conspiracy theories be debated. There can be set rules for debate. Those rules can rule out censorship by neocons or along neocon lines. Frankly, if the neocons don't want a subject covered or debated, it's all the more reason to cover and debate it.

Here's an article Matt Taibbi should read and absorb because it's true:

Russia ‘invaded’ Crimea? Russia ‘downed’ MH17? Russia sent two hapless and inept blokes to kill the Skripals? Russia launched an unprovoked attack on three Ukrainian vessels in the Sea of Azov? Russia colluded with the Trump campaign against Hillary Clinton? And collaborated with Julian Assange to make that happen?

What all these allegations have in common is that there is no evidence any of them are true. Oh, and that nobody’s really trying to prove them anymore. Because you’ve already accepted them as gospel.

Source: "You Are Well Inside the Matrix."

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