Twitter is being an ass: Mis-gender-ing (video included)

Mis-gender-ing is a newly coined word that means not using whatever gender term someone spontaneously decides to assign itself. Misgendering any it will get you permanently banned from Twitter. You might ask about what happens when a she-he switches back to a he-she without notice. If you referred to that one as she-he without knowing about the flip, will you be banned (suspended)? You know what? I don't care.

Twitter is an ass because of this asinine policy. Anyone who stays on it will be engaging in circular talk followed by total meaninglessness and insignificance. Why? Greed and stupidity is why.

I'm not going to walk on eggshells because I can't keep up with a wave of terminology that various people create on the fly and immediately demand that I know it via some sort of mind reading at a distance concerning billions of people. It's not going to happen. I'm not going to conform to the gender Nazis. I'm not going to try. I'm not going to care. Gender identity, gender confusion, is fluid and debatable.

If people, if its, are going to keep this up, then everyone should only have a name, one name, one fixed name for life with no gender anything, just a scan that only AI can grasp for purposes of anything. Welcome to Hell. Welcome to insanity.


I will continue to care about people who are intersexed and such but aren't expecting to have God-like powers to make other people's lives miserable on a whim, ruining people just so they won't feel hurt themselves, ruining people who are often better than they are.

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