Wow, is Trump ever wrong about timing and what the People possibly should and shouldn't know

Trump said, "Maybe it’s better that the public not see what’s been going on with this country." That's disgusting.

He talks about holding back to counter punch the Democrats if they start trying to up their attempts with their wild fishing expedition.

He's been totally wrong about all of it. He should have pulled out all the stops instantaneously so the whole thing would never have happened. We all knew that the "Russia did it" spin coming out of John Brennan was a complete pretext. We also knew the Steele Dossier was more of the same. The Hillary Clinton Campaign cheated in the primaries. Her campaign paid Russians (RUSSIANS!) for made-up dirt on Trump. The pretexts were used to start investigations. Those investigations were started on grounds that were known to be fraudulent at the time. Hence, those investigations, all of them, were illegal except for the ones designed to get at those who started the pretexts.

It made zero sense for Trump to be a weak President right off the bat by allowing the whole thing to get started and continue. His actions have harmed the nation, not helped.

It's not too late to stand up and shut it all down for cause! What's he afraid of? Is he afraid of the US Supreme Court during what some will stupidly call a Constitutional crisis? The particular crisis has been with us ever since Brennan and Clapper drummed the whole thing up out of thin air. Is he afraid of the Democrats in the House impeaching him? The Senate would not convict him and remove him. Is he afraid his case is too weak? He's the President of the United States with all the power vested in him by the US Constitution that gives him the executive power over a branch of government that is at least co-equal with the other two, though I'd say more powerful up to the point of the Senate removing him after the House were to impeach him.

Then there are the People. How could he not convince the vast majority that the pretexts have been a coup attempt, which remains an on-going attempt to usurp the US Constitution?

If he's even remotely as bright as he thinks he is, what the Hell is he waiting for? What does he have to hide?

Either he's stupid or has stupid advisors he's going along with or both. I'm leaning more and more toward both, as they go hand in hand.

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