A few things you may not know about the US and Ukraine during this Sea of Azov "crisis"

Ukraine declared in October that it is going to build a naval base in the Sea of Azov. Think about that. Ukrainians in power openly called for blowing up the bridge Russia built across the Kerch Strait to Crimea, Russia. Also, the US Navy is retrofitting an old Soviet ship-building area in Nikolaev, Ukraine into a US Navy operation/base. Crimea is extremely close to that shipbuilding port. Russia has a naval base in Crimea on the same side of Crimea as the outlet from Nikolaev.

Back in the Soviet era, US military vessels were not allowed in the Black Sea. Now the US wants to be able to enter the Sea of Azov right along with the Ukrainian Navy.

Maybe we should let the Russian Navy freely navigate the Saint Lawrence Seaway and Great Lakes at least as far as Lake Superior's National Forest. After all, fair's fair, right?

Also see: "Ukraine’s Pinochet Scenario."

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