I Was Right About Paedophilia, And I Am Right About The Far Right: What's the answer?

David Lindsay has written a piece about pedophiles in high places in the UK and the direct connection with the Tories and other "conservatives" in the UK. There's tons of info about pedophiles in high places in the UK. People who tried to expose it were extremely marginalized and censored and banned and even hounded to death if not outright murdered.

So, what's the deal? Why are people who call themselves "conservatives" actually for pedophilia? Many of them are laissez-faire in more than capitalism. They are anarchists at heart. They want to do what they want to do, and that means shutting down or minimizing government so they can. They aren't for good government. They're for owning the tiny government so only they make the rules for themselves.

This certainly doesn't just apply to the UK but actually everywhere there are "elites" clamoring for little to no government, especially good government. Good government shuts down pedophilia so quickly your head spins. Good government shuts down all depravity.

Many "conservatives" claim government is anti-freedom. Good government is anti-license to do wickedness. Good government is freedom from evil. Think about it.

Good government is Heaven. Good government takes away the temptation to do harm to others and to yourself. It removes it from society. It removes it from personal life. Good government doesn't punish. Government heals.

If you hate good government, you're doomed.

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