The facts left out of "news" about Maduro, Venezuela, and democracy

John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, a couple of neocons, are trying so hard to spin things with the aid of the neocon mainstream-media.

Look, the idiotic media fail on purpose to remind you that the National Assembly of Venezuela was found correctly by the Supreme Court to be sitting unconstitutionally because it allowed three [corrected from two] people to vote in that body who were elected illegally. That body refused to unseat those three [corrected from two].

The idiotic media is backing fascists trying to overturn the duly elected President of Venezuela. It's the same old playbook of government change via lying over and over and over. It's called the Big-Lie tactic, and the neocons have worn it out.

However, where are the progressives on this issue? Are they in the US House of Representatives? I'm waiting for any truth about this issue from any of them.

I'm calling out AFP for spewing lies! Once upon a time, wasn't likely to back fascists. Now?

Tom Usher

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