Wow, "ethnocentric fighters"? Does Eric Zuesse ever get it wrong on the YPG!

Eric Zuesse calls the YPG "ethnocentric fighters" and quotes the Wikipedia against them:

... the YPG, the official [Eric Zuesse's editorial comment: that term ‘official’ is, however, just a CIA lie, because it was instead only de facto, which even the CIA-edited and written Wikipedia recognizes to mean non-official – EZ] defence force of the canton, was criticized for recruiting child soldiers, committing arbitrary arrests and failing to address unsolved killings and disappearances. According to the reports, the YPG and Asayish were also accused of forcibly recruiting civilians, arresting political activists and displacing more than 150,000 Arabs whose homes were later stolen and looted. Displaced Arabs accused the Kurdish security forces of imposing taxes and restrictions on the population in order force them to leave, and change the demography.

That is amazingly bad reporting. It shows a complete lack of knowledge about the YPG and PKK in terms of what either stands for or actually has done and is still doing. Contrary to the nonsense spewed in that Wiki quote, the YPG is the militant wing of a party that is 100% non-ethnocentric but rather totally inclusive of people regardless of ethnicity. Furthermore, there is zero hard evidence offered anywhere showing the YPG as engaging in oppression or terrorism. You'd think Eric Zuesse is being paid by Erdogan, though I sincerely doubt it.

What's his real problem with the YPG, that it's democratic-socialism? He's lauding Assad's government for leaning in the direction of what the YPG is fighting for.

I certainly hope that Assad and the YPG can cut an excellent deal so that democratic-socialism can be the law of the entire land of Syria.

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