The biggest mistake Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can make: cave

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is under a PYSOP. She's young and green (no pun intended). She has some experience fighting but doesn't know just how manipulative those who are coming after her can and will attempt to be.

They are not for her. They are for those who put them in office. She is the only member of the House who was put there totally by economic progressives.

The psychological operations against her is about one thing only: take the economic progressives off message. What's that message the powers that be don't want out there? Pull left, pull democratic-economic left without being distracted or silenced, pull democratic-economic left everywhere all the time, no compromises.

Who's been successful at that in modern times? Nobody (yet). Why not? They've been assassinated or they'd caved in.

Right now is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's chance. She won't have another. She either fights and wins, fights and they murder her or somehow poison her (in which case she'll still win as a martyr) or she caves (ruining the movement).

Incrementalism is the enemy.

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