Good that Trump has concealed details of his face-to-face encounters with Putin from senior officials in his administration

He [Trump] has dismissed Russia’s election interference as a “hoax,” suggested that Russia was entitled to annex Crimea, repeatedly attacked NATO allies, resisted efforts to impose sanctions on Moscow, and begun to pull U.S. forces out of Syria — a move that critics see as effectively ceding ground to Russia.

At the same time, Trump’s decision to fire Comey and other attempts to contain the ongoing Russia investigation led the bureau in May 2017 to launch a counterintelligence investigation into whether he was seeking to help Russia and if so, why, a step first reported by the New York Times.
... “The President has affirmed that he supports the conclusions in the 2017 Intel Community Assessment, and the President also issued a new executive order in September 2018 to ensure a whole of government effort to address any foreign attempts to interfere in US elections.”

(Source: The Bezos neocon-liberal Washington Post)

Trump is right that Russia’s alleged election interference is a hoax. Zero proof of Russian government or contractor interference has been shown by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

He is right that Russia was entitled to annex Crimea. The People of Crimea had just as much right to secede from Ukraine as the American colonies had in seceding from the British Empire.

Trump was and remains correct that NATO allies never held up there end. They always spent vastly less as a proportion of GDP on protecting Europe than did the US in protecting not only Europe but the rest of the world (if one assumes it was really protection rather than empire building and sustaining).

Trump was wrong to allow any sanctions on Moscow. Moscow did absolutely nothing to deserve sanctioning.

He is completely right to pull the US military out of Syria but does owe it to the Kurds to make sure Erdogan doesn't attack them.

As for ceding Syria to Russia, that's a complete distortion of reality. Putin and Russia are not trying to turn Syria into some vassal state and never had any intention of doing so. Russia's primary interest was in stopping IS and al Qaeda from growing and posing an even greater threat not only to Russia itself but the entire world, including the US.

Yes, Russia's moves in Syria couldn't help but take on a greater role than simply stopping terrorism; but, that's not Russia's fault at all but rather the fault of US neocons and liberals. Libertarians and progressives are the only ones with any honor and sense when it comes to these issues.

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