Liberal-Zionists: Dangerous as neocons

It's an absolute fact that liberal-Zionists are every bit as dangerous as, if not more so, than neocon-Zionists.

Zionists are the ones most behind the anti-Russia hysteria that has overtaken the Democratic Party.

All anti-Zionist reporting has been marginalized, if not totally suppressed, in the mainstream, which is dominated by US plutocrats who have only one thing in mind: world domination under neofeudalism (aka capitalist-corporatism).

Once upon a time, there were economic-leftist Zionists who were economic-leftists first and political-Zionists second of what they falsely saw as necessity, having been duped into misbelieving that Jews, per se, could never be accepted and integrated into Western society. Obviously, many millions of Jews have been completely accepted and integrated into the United States. The question isn't ethnicity but ideology.

The problem with Russia for them is that Russia refuses to be dominated by US plutocracy. It's as simple as that.

So, what's wrong with the liberals? First, liberals are not progressives. They are not synonymous. Progressives are economic-leftists first and identity-politics oriented second, if at all. Liberals are identity-politics oriented and never truly economic-leftists: democratic-socialists.

Liberals have no problem with wars for identity and economic empire. That's why they are as dangerous as, if not now more so, than neocons. They have adopted neocon worldwide revolution strategies but with the identity (anarchist) twist.

Russia is still law and order. For Russia, order is peace. Identity politics is chaotic and causes more of itself: chaos. The Russians see the need for lines that ought not be crossed in the false name of freedom, as crossing them leads directly to greater enslavement under harmful chaos (confusion, a downward spiral, a slippery slope, decadence).

The question isn't whether lines but where they ought to be drawn and retained.

Clearly, removing the barriers to unbridled capitalism would be an extremely foolish thing. Yet, that's been the trend in the US for decades now. There is pushback, but how determined is it, how organized, how sustainable, how knowledgeable, how capable of learning and teaching truth?

Russia is definitely not the enemy. The enemies of Russia are the enemy. Russia is not insane, not beyond reason, not beyond cooperating for the betterment of humanity in the real sense. Russia is not perfect, but "enemy" is a bridge too far. Don't fall for it.

The sanctions against Russia are immoral, unethical, based upon blatant falsehoods and misrepresentations, and, frankly, illegal under existing international law. They should be 100% removed and instantly.

From there, Russia and the US should sit down and work out a plan of total cooperation for the good of all. It's totally doable with Putin. Trump would need tons of advice to do it correctly, advice he'd never get from his current batch of advisors. That's not his fault. He didn't create the system we're under. He was born into it, as were we all. Does he have the brains and courage and stamina to start and to see it through, though? The first step for him is to begin. We'll never know, he'll never know, unless he first truly tries.

Who's a problem?

U.S. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said on Saturday he will force a vote soon on a resolution to disapprove the Trump administration’s decision to relax sanctions on three Russian companies connected to oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

Schumer is the prime example of a liberal-Zionist.

We need a new system.

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