Mandatory voting? Look to Australia?

"The idea of compulsory voting is that it conveys the idea that each person’s voice is expected and valued."

You aren't valuing a person by putting a gun to his head. You have zero right to expect and then coerce anyone to voice a political opinion. What are you, a Nazi?

If the Australian law of mandatory voting is so great, why is Australia in such a mess? Is it the best nation? Are any of the nation-states with mandatory voting the best? No!

The idea of mandatory voting is about as un-American as it gets.

Oh, you're going to grant religious exemptions? So someone who's not religious is a second-class citizen with lesser rights to not express a "political" view?

What would be the test for religious exemption? What if someone's religious reasons don't meet the arbitrary test? Are you going to persecute that one?

Mandatory voting is simply stupid and, frankly, evil.

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