NYT's Manafort "revelations" opposite of smoking gun: Pro Ukraine to EU

How much longer do we have to put up with Mueller's unconstitutional fishing expedition? When will we have the rule of law and order in the US?

I knew all of this about Manafort from Manafort's own words in video interviews he did from Ukraine long before Trump even announced his run for office. He was not pro-Russia! Everyone in the know knew that about him before all of the Russiagate nonsense was started by professional false-propagandist, professional liar John Brennan.

Thank you, Aaron Maté:

... internal documents and court testimony underscore that Manafort tried to push his client, then–Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, to enter the European Union and turn away from Russia. As Manafort’s former partner and current special-counsel witness Rick Gates testified in August, Manafort crafted “the strategy for helping Ukraine enter the European Union,” in the lead-up to the 2013-2014 Euromaidan crisis. The aims, Manafort explained in several memos, were to “[encourage] EU integration with Ukraine” so that the latter does not “fall to Russia,” and “reinforce the key geopolitical messaging of how ‘Europe and the U.S. should not risk losing Ukraine to Russia.’” As his strategy got underway, Manafort stressed to colleagues—including Kilimnik—the importance of promoting the “constant actions taken by the Govt of Ukraine to comply with Western demands” and “the changes made to comply with the EU Association Agreement,” the very agreement that Russia opposed.


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