The Bolivian Economic and Environmental Miracle: If left-economics is so bad, why is Bolivia doing so well compared to when it was ruled by US plutocrats?

The answer to the question posed in the title of this post is the degree of the effectiveness of US attacks on Bolivia. It's the exact reason Venezuela is suffering: US attacks, not Maduro's policies.

I found this section particularly fascinating (the whole article is fascinating):

Environmental Achievements

Bolivian Vice President Alvaro Linera points out that Bolivia contributes 0.1% of the world’s greenhouse gases, but its trees clean 2% of the world’s carbon dioxide, resupplying that as oxygen. He attacks the Western “colonial, elitist environmental NGOs” for imposing their environmental demands on the Third World, saying they are blind to the Third World’s right to development.

Fuentes called out Western so-called defenders of Bolivia’s environment who attack Evo Morales over extractivism, for not devoting a single article on how the government has drastically cut deforestation 64% between 2010-2013. He asked, “why have media outlets, seemingly so concerned about Bolivia’s environment, failed to investigate what might be the steepest reduction in greenhouse gas emission per capita of any country in the world?”

They also do not mention that in South America, Bolivia has the greatest number of trees per inhabitant. Peru has 1,500, Brazil 1,400, Argentina 1,200, Colombia 1000, Ecuador, 600, Paraguay 2, 500. Bolivia has 5,400. And this year they will plant another 5 million.

Misrepresenting the Morales government’s environmental record often aims to delegitimize Morales’ position not only as a leading spokesperson for the indigenous but in the global fight against climate change. Evo has rejected the carbon offset REDD schemes many Western environmental NGOs supported and clearly blames global warming on the First World’s capitalist operations. “I’m convinced that capitalism is the worst enemy of humanity and the environment, enemy of the entire planet.” He has demanded the Western rich countries repay their climate debt by transfer of technology and funds to the Third World.

When will the ruling monsters of the USA have Evo Morales murdered? Have they tried to poison him already? I'd be surprised if they have not. The CIA tries to undercut and remove leaders before resorting to murdering them.

Evo Morales has been the smartest leader in the entire world during the entire history of the USA to ward off US imperialists. Those imperialists know it. They have been rather mum about Bolivia while they've worked against the People, and for the racist-fascists, in all the other countries, with Venezuela being the first target in the Americas right now. They been working on all the rest and did try in Bolivia.

The US plutocrats will stoop to anything (ANYTHING!) to keep their wealth, power, and control. They'll be perfectly willing to order the slaughtering of hundreds of millions of Americans if those Americans wake up enough and start really gaining power and control for the People, taking it away from those plutocrats.

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