William Barr was exactly right about the Mueller "investigation." Will he cave?

Citing a passage deep in Barr's memo to Rosenstein in June, Gurule said the nominee appeared to take the position that the president had the authority to shut down a criminal investigation if he believed the inquiry to be "bogus" and run by "political opponents."

"It would neither be corrupt nor a crime for a new president to terminate the matter and leave further investigation to Congress," Barr wrote. "There is no legal principle that would insulate the matter from the president's supervisory authority and mandate that he passively submit while a bogus investigation runs its course."

Gurule said Barr's reasoning "should be alarming to every American."

"It appears to place the president beyond judicial review in direct conflict with the fundamental principle that no one is above the law," Gurule said.


William Barr was absolutely correct in that statement above. We all know that the entire "investigation" was and remains based upon totally made-up allegations, totally hyped allegations. The entire thing was, and remains, nothing less than an attempted illegal coup. Those behind it, those who got it all started, should be charged, tried, and sentenced without doubt.

The Mueller investigation is, and will remain, a stain on the US Constitution.

The President of the United States has full constitutional authority to shut down any investigation in the federal executive branch when he or she knows the foundation of the investigation is unconstitutional. The entire Russiagate narrative was based upon the Steele Dossier, a fraud from start to finish, and mere allegations of Russian government hacking into the Hillary Clinton campaign, a campaign exposed for cheating in the primaries. From there, the same evil forces spun a tiny bit of Russian (not governmental) advertising into a huge mountain, while more spending and more concentration of exactly the same behavior by those same forces in Alabama has received a complete pass.

The Steele Dossier was collusion if ever there was any. The US intel personnel behind the Russian-government hacking charges engaged in pure politics, not securing the nation but undermining it.

Frankly, Trump was a fool to allow any of it to even get started.

Tom Usher

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