Temporary arrest of Venezuelan "Opposition Leader" was a false-flag operation by the fascists who back him

Juan Guaido, before two weeks ago, was a virtually unknown 35-year-old lawmaker from La Guaira in Vargas state. He had studied at the Andres Bello Catholic University, went on to do postgrad study at George Washington University, and most notably IESA, which is basically Venezuela’s most important neoliberal think tank; basically the home of Venezuela’s Chicago Boys. He joined the very far-right party of Leopoldo Lopez called Popular Will, and he was chosen just recently at the beginning of the year, I think on January 5, as president of the National Assembly.


The Chicago Boys are the same one's who backed Pinochet in Chile, the well-known fascist.

All these guys care about is making money for themselves and the poor be damned. That's why they hate Maduro and will say anything and do anything to oust him no matter how much pain and suffering they always bring upon the poorest of the poor.

Naturally, Trump is backing the fascists because he's an ignoramus about Central and South American history of severe exploitation by US imperialist corporations. It's where the term Banana Republic came from because the United Fruit Company, a US company, controlled the governments so the company could make all the money and give kickbacks to the puppet dictators.

That's what they want for Venezuela again and for the entirety of Central and South America.

Tom Usher

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