The Left Case Against the EU (videos)

Costas Lapavitsas, former MP of the Greek Parliament and author of The Left Case Against the EU says the left needs to have honest debates about the EU that became evident in the political struggles associated with Brexit and Grexit.

He's says a great deal more than that. He says trying to reform the EU from within is a complete waste of time and energy.

I must say, I was for Grexit and thought Yanis was very slow to realize that Tsipras was a con. Yanis is afraid of fascism taking over because he seems to think that Union is the way to prevent it. However, neoliberalism is really a form of fascism. Trying to change the EU would mean changing all national governments enough to agree to the democratization of the EU. Personally, I believe that democratizing the UK after Brexit would be a much easier path to demonstrate to other nations within the EU that leaving, democratizing, and then forming a real democratic European Union would be the much better and certainly faster approach.


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