"'Wall of apartheid': Israel opens a segregated road in the West Bank": Makes the fake Israel stink among the nations (video)

Makes me think of Whites Only drinking fountains in the US Deep South back in the day. Why are Americans supporting the fake Israel? The real Israel, who was Jacob before his name changed, would say that this road and wall makes his seed to stink among the nations of the Earth. He'd say such roads and walls will be the fake Israel's demise. Read his prophecy. Then consider just how stupid the "Zionist's'" biblical claims to the land really are. The land will vomit them out if the Old Testament Bible is truthful. The New Testament says it is right about it.

There’s one more kind of segregation in the West Bank – a new road where Palestinian and Israeli drivers are separated by a large wall in the middle. Dubbed ‘Apartheid Road’, it makes some Israelis feel ashamed.


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