Coupsters: "BuzzFeed, citing two unidentified law enforcement officials ....": Congress to probe whether Trump told lawyer Cohen to lie

BuzzFeed, citing two unidentified law enforcement officials ....


Trump should hunt the dogs down as national-security risks: coupsters. I'm not overstating it. They are trying to illegally overthrow the government of the US. They are subverting the US Constitution. The nation is in a mess and Constitutional crisis right now. If we are ever to have a democracy, this should not be allowed to stand. We have a Presidency. The President has a sworn duty. We don't need weakness. We need decisive action. The case is clear: has been from the start.

The Hillary Clinton Campaign and the DNC, colluding with Russians, have misused the government of the US in extremely egregious and illegal ways to topple the duly elected President of the US.

I don't agree with Donald Trump's economics or his views on the environment, but he is the President. Clinton is treating the US as if it is her personal empire: a banana republic answerable to her. She's doing it because she puts her own wealth, power, and control above all else. She's doing it because she wants to get back at people for embarrassing her over her husband, who did "have sexual relations with that woman," not that, that was grounds for removal from office.

This country is infantile. It is corrupt through-and-through. The exceptions to corruption prove the rule.

The People need to rise up and take power legally, non-violently! It can be done but only if they have the will to do what's right. They must take power away from the superrich and give it to themselves where it belongs. This is real Christian doctrine.

Tom Usher

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