Evil Israelis deliberately shoot and wound 14 in Gaza

Fourteen Palestinians were wounded by Israeli fire in new clashes along the Gaza border Friday, said the health ministry in the Hamas-run enclave, rocked by ongoing weekly protests.

The ministry said the 14 were shot, including two medics ....
An Israeli army spokeswoman said approximately 14,000 Palestinians took part in "riots" along the border, with protesters "burning tyres and hurling rocks at (Israeli) soldiers".


The Gazans want to reverse the ethnic-cleansing and land theft that the right-wing, racist Zionists have been doing there almost since they first step foot back in Palestine. And it's for those monsters, those Zionists, that the US is pushing everybody all over the place in the Middle East and elsewhere. What a stupid, anti-Christ nation is the USA right now. Are you listening, Donald Trump? Can you hear? Do you comprehend?

If Jesus's deeds had been seen as, and followed as, the guiding light for the whole area and world, we'd all be living in peace and prosperity.

The Gazans need to renounce violence and stop throwing rocks and burning tires and all the rest. Yes, the Zionists are the instigators; however, the Gazans will never get world public opinion entirely on their side until they stop returning evil for evil. They've just been wasting time and losing more lives uselessly by being counter-productive.

Tom Usher

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