The CIA and FBI are running Facebook whether Facebook will admit it or not

Facebook is now completely under the thumb of Big Brother: "Facebook closes hundreds of 'inauthentic' Russia-linked pages." Sure, sure.

Facebook takes its marching orders from neocons.

Facebook knows that if Facebook doesn't do what it's told, the neocon network of plutocrats will take Facebook down all the way to the ground.

Mark Zuckerberg has joined the tribe, not that he didn't always know that day would come. They let him rise knowing they'd end up co-opting Facebook as a false-propaganda tool for the Empire. That's what they do.

Mark was "warm and fuzzy" and in it to become astronomically rich from advertising revenue and selling views (which was even a ripoff from the beginning). In other words, he's a greedy sellout, if he ever had any morals. Look at this: "Facebook Caught Red Handed While Swiping Money From Children." What kind of CEO wouldn't instantly refund the money to the parents? Honestly! It's disgusting.

So, do you log into Facebook everyday to post your "personal" thoughts, which only furthers the plutocrats rule over you?

If you think it's any different at Google or Twitter or any of the other "major" social/search entities, you're dreaming.

The day of being able to do any truth-telling on those platforms is long since over.

The only thing to do is not use them for anything but use them for free to gain for yourself (for the right cause) rather than be used.

The day will come quite soon when that won't even be possible or even desirable to even try to keep doing.

Tom Usher

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