What's the litmus test on tons of false propaganda? Consistent insistence on democracy

So, re-read the post title: "What's the litmus test on tons of false propaganda? Consistent insistence on democracy."

I'm going to point out a glaring sign you can use to gauge whether you're being manipulated into believing something matters to US leadership when it, in fact, doesn't.

Here we have the case of Cuba. Cuba is a one-party dictatorship. It only has minimal democracy within the ruling party. The People of Cuba can't simply vote a new party into power. The US position right now is to attack Cuba economically under the guise of seeking to establish democracy there.

Compare that to the tariffs against China. China is also a one-party dictatorship, although vastly more repressive than the one in Cuba. However, the tariffs are not designed to establish democracy in China.

Therefore, there is a clear double-standard being applied.

What the US wants is US plutocratic control over every country on Earth, but it can only do that with the smaller ones. Concerning China, it's not willing to take it all the way to the mat. China isn't weak enough militarily. The US plutocrats will settle for reining in China while leaving the state-capitalist dictatorship in place.

The only reason the term democracy ever comes up is to dupe the American masses, or try to.

The US is also controlled undemocratically. The US plutocrats have simply always been better at buying people off and controlling the narratives so that the vast majority of Americans are fooled into thinking they, collectively, decide who rules and what those rulers do.

When the US want's democracy here in the US and also in China and Cuba and refuses to compromise on it, then you'll not be being lied to by the US government. Until then, tell the truth about it.

Over the weekend, Pompeo called Maduro's government illegitimate and said the United States would work with like-minded countries in Latin America to restore democracy in Venezuela.


See what I mean? Where's big, bad Pompeo's call for the overthrow of Xi in China for the sake of democracy? Crickets! "Money, money, money" is what he means every time he says "democracy."

Can he be shamed into really being for democracy?

Tom Usher

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