With the WaPo crushing BuzzFeed, the Guardian, CNN, and McClatchy like this, who needs the truth from "alternative" news? Everyone!

What's up with the Washington Post? It's been pumping the Russiagate narrative with the "best" of them. What's the thinking there that it published: "BuzzFeed’s stumble is highest-profile misstep at a time when press is under greatest scrutiny"?

Well, crushing the competition is one factor, but getting ready to try to save face is another. After all, it's becoming obvious to even the dumbest, most evil people on the planet that no collusion will ever be shown to have happened (and those who conspired in conjuring up the "collusion" narrative should be the ones made to face the music).

There's one other possibility worth mentioning, though I won't be holding my breath, and that's that the WaPo may have actually changed its mind about the whole Russiagate thing.

When can we all shoot the Russiagate story in the head? It doesn't have legs, never had legs, and should turn solely into going after those who started the whole thing, wasting everyone's time, drumming up all sorts of stress all based upon a total pack of lies from one end to the other?

Honestly, God damn it if anyone anywhere keeps pumping this "Russia, Russia, Russia" crap. It's all been fake. It's all been started and pushed by those who are out for no good; to enrich themselves; to keep the masses ignorant, duped, and down; to keep democracy as far out of reach as possible.

Tom Usher

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