What Putin should focus on domestically

As a secular state, in addition to maintaining law and order and preventing terrorism and foreign espionage, Russia needs to focus on vastly increasing labor productivity. It should be done in a green way with an eye to taking Russia off carbon fuel, including for export, as soon as possible.

Russia has vast internal resources that ought to be turned to supply Russian-consumer needs first. Russia should produce the finished products in a green virtuous cycle: a green circular economy.

By doing that, Russia would solve more problems domestically and internationally than can be listed here.

Labor productivity, here measured by the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) valued in US dollars divided by the total number of hours worked by the country’s workforce, stood at 25.4 in 2016 for Russia. This is the lowest rate among all the European countries — so low in fact, that it is less than half the average European Union rate of 53.4. Russia’ labor productivity is 36% of the US level of 69.9; Germany is 68.1. Russia remains mired in a backward country’s level of productivity, far from being able to compete with that of the advanced capitalist centers.

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