Does it get any more evil? "Judge lets Arkansas law against Israeli boycotts stand"

US District Judge Brian Miller is an idiot or a liar, but that's the same thing isn't it.

The BDS Movement against the horrifically evil, God-damned, right-wing, racist, fascist regime calling itself Israel, is free political speech that the government has no business or constitutional right to block by any means.

The same people fighting against the BDS Movement concerning fake Israel are the exact same ones who were against the BDS Movement against the racist Apartheid regime of South Africa. It is the same group of fascists backing the illegal, unconstitutional National Assembly in Venezuela. It's the same group who spreads all the Russiagate nonsense, the same group claiming Iran can't have missiles even to go into space, the same group that got the US into the monstrous Iraq War based upon a pack of lies, the same group that got us into the Vietnam War, the same group that committed all the false-flag attacks in Europe as the "stay behind" group, the same group that's pushing the neoliberal economics designed to promote one thing only: US plutocratic control of the world.

If this keeps up, I predict a violent revolution with the heads of the plutocrats on pikes. It's not what I want to see, but I don't want to see the God-damned fake Israel shooting unarmed teens in the back while stealing even more land and getting away with it with the Satanic blessing of the US neocons and fake liberals.

Tom Usher

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