Maduro, Trump is bluffing; but, you can't take chances with those who are constantly manipulating him for evil

The Venezuelan National Assembly was allowed to seat itself unconstitutionally. It should have been disbanded, or those whom the Supreme Court rightly said had no constitutional right to vote in the Assembly should have been removed from the Assembly and if uncooperative in that effort, arrested under the secular law along with any and all who moved in their support. Why?

All one need do is look at US history of interventions around the world to overthrow all governments that have been for the People rather than knuckling under to the US plutocracy.

It's a matter of national security for Venezuela. The US plutocrats are out to install a fascist who will do anything he is told to do by the CIA. He'll be made personally richer and richer and will be left in place just so long as he takes orders from and for the foreign power that will re-enslave Venezuela.

Look to Assad, Maduro, as your example. Yes, Assad finally got the military aid of Putin and Russia is close by Syria geographically. However, you can either fight the US plutocrats or end up dead with your country completely dominated for evil purposes.

What can you do? Well, there are tens of millions of anti-fascists in Central and South America. How long are they all going to put up with the Monroe Doctrine and banana-republic status?

You were elected in totally free and fair elections, but the US plutocrats couldn't care less about that. They will lie, cheat, steal, and murder until they are stopped.

Could God intervene on the side of the Venezuelan poor? Yes.

There are many ways to fight, Nicolas. Find the best way, the moral way, the way the US plutocrats can't defeat. If you deserve leadership, you'll find the way.

Don't forget, the youth of the US are anti-neoliberal. More and more, they are calling for BDS against the fascist regime calling itself Israel.

Pompeo, Pence, Bolton, et al., are fools. Trump is being a numbskull listening to them. All he's doing is causing more nations to move closer together against US attempts at global hegemony. That's not putting America first or making it great. That's making it weak and soon to be ineffective if it keeps it up.

The leaders of the world who are siding with you against US plutocracy need to openly state that if the US military moves on Venezuela, all bets are off.

Venezuela is pivotal, and they all need to realize that.

Government after government in South America has been overthrown by the CIA. I'm talking about the Pink Tide nations. Everyone who knows anything about the region knows it without any doubt. Fascists have been brought to power in country after country by totally corrupt means.

Some of the blame can be laid at the feet of the Pink Tide leadership, which was naive and didn't move far enough or quickly enough to make it impossible for the fascists to rise again. There's no undoing that, only learning from it for the sake of the future.

What should be done about the fake "president" appointed by the CIA for the US plutocrats? Don't you know? What would Putin do? Don't kill him. Don't beat him. Don't do to him what the US plutocrat's CIA wants to do to you. But do stop him.

Tom Usher

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