The little monster, Elliot Abrams, represents exactly what's going on regarding Venezuela

God damn what's going on regarding Venezuela. The neocon monsters are trying to do their worst. They'd have already bombed the place if they thought they could get away with it. They hide behind the word "democracy" while they are as anti-democratic as it gets. They are out for one thing only, the US to take over the entire world so they can run the world by ruling the US.

Trump says, "Make America Great Again." Well, when was it great; however, the neocons aren't out for the US. They're out for the fake Israel. They pretend to be democratic, and they claim anyone not for the fake Israel is an ethnic bigot against Jews. They'll keep saying that even when the majority of Jews in the world stand against the fascists ruling the fake Israel.

Everything the neocons say are lies, and Trump is completely surrounded by them at his own idiotic choosing. The reason is money. Trump doesn't want to push too hard against right-wing Jewish money.

Elliot Abrams is a neocon through and through. He helped stomp all over Central and South America. That's why Pompeo has called upon him to stomp on Venezuela. Naturally, the plan is to go right after Bolivia and the rest after the CIA coup against Maduro.

They're trying to steal CITGO. They're planning to "bail out" Venezuela by having it under go the Greek treatment of massive austerity to pay interest on "loans" from the IMF. It's pure neoliberalism against the People. It's completely the opposite of democracy.

I am completely against the Trump administration in this. I'm looking forward to the day when a true progressive occupies the White House and true progressives control both houses of Congress. We came close to it with FDR. We need to get there; and, the sooner, the better.

Tom Usher

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