This is why Xi hates Soros but also has banned Orwell's books. It's also why Xi has to go & Trump should insist upon democracy & not disingenuously

From "Inside the Vast Police State at the Heart of China’s Belt and Road:"

Officially, Xinjiang is just as open as most other parts of China. Yet as I arrived in Khorgas, a city established in 2014 on the border with Kazakhstan, four police officers with body armor and rifles ordered me from the car. One instructed me to kneel on the ground and empty my bag. He pointed a laser at things he wanted to inspect more closely.

A man in a black jacket joined the uniformed policemen. He introduced himself as “Mr. Li, a local businessman.” But his ID card said he was Mr. Wang, of the Public Security Department

“We knew you were coming,” he said pleasantly.

Wang took my phone and erased photos and files, something that happened repeatedly during my time in Xinjiang. “I am deleting these for your own good,” he said, before handing it to a colleague who took down the phone’s identifier number, presumably to track my location.

Wang and two propaganda officials were my constant companions. They pointed out construction sites and exhibitions hailing Xi’s accomplishments, including a display titled “My Country Is Awesome.” Wang encouraged me to take pictures, but only of “positive things.”


I really, really, really don't like Xi. As I've written many, many times, he is the biggest and most dangerous enemy of democracy on the face of the Earth.

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