Who the Hell does he thing HE is? "The fact is Venezuela is in our hemisphere," Bolton said.

If the US has the right to appoint a new President of Venezuela just because the current one won't knuckle under to anti-democratic US imperialism and because Venezuela is in the Western Hemisphere, then what large nation in the Eastern Hemisphere can't claim the same right there?

Trump says strong borders are so important to the US, that they are moral, etc. Yet, he turns around and completely trashes the democracy of another nation.

Look, the one and only reason Venezuela is in a mess is because of greedy US plutocrats who want to rip off the People of Venezuela. They've been at it for decades.

The punk, Juan Guaido, is hyper to sell out Venezuela for his own personal gain. He's more than fully cooperating with doing what the CIA tells him to do. He's been more than going along with the US complete takeover of not only Venezuela but the whole of the Americas. I'm telling you, even Canada better watch its back.

The Goddamned neocons covet the entire Earth. They'll scorch it to own it. They won't make it. They'll go down completely, but you can't convince them of that. They're too stupid!

Tom Usher

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