Venezuela 2019 is the Nicaragua of 1980-1981: Trump is gunning for his own Iran-Contra

Venezuela is Nicaragua. Trump is Reagan. Pence is CIA-Bush. The US is backing and funding the Contras wanting to bring Samoza-type dictatorship back to power. Maduro is being forced into being Daniel Ortega.

The world is evil, and the most powerful nation is the most powerful nation because of it.

If the Democrats weren't so incredibly stupid, they'd stand against Trump, who would give the Democrats real cause for impeaching and removing him from office. They actually already have it, but their too dumb to know it.

This was the neocon's boy, the one the US trained and backed, and the fascist the socialists overthrew: Anastasio Somoza Debayle.

So much for Trump wanting Democracy anywhere. He backs fascists he'll be able to control as puppets. Maybe Trump is out to set up his own dynasty. Which one of his kids does he plan to make President?

Tom Usher

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