Jonathan Turley sums up the Mueller fake-liberal circus with Stone

There was no charge of collusion. No hint of meetings or arrangements with Assange. Not even a charge as an unregistered foreign agent of the Russians. Just collateral crimes with nary a mention of collusion ....


There was no there, there. There is no there, there. There never will be any there, there. "Russia, Russia, Russia" is nothing but BS.

What is actually going to happen is that the Mueller "investigation" is going to prove no there, there. He's going to find zero collusion.

It's been clear from the start. Why? Because it was painfully obvious all along that the whole "Russia, Russia, Russia" thing fit the pattern of political dirty tricks to a tee. It was conjured up by proven liars, by proven cheaters. Only ignoramuses and idiots fell for it. The rest continue lying.

As I've always said, if you're going to bring Trump down, do it with the truth, not stuff you make up.

It is sooooo telling that as the Trump administration makes up stuff about Venezuela, those who are out to get Trump for collusion with Russia, an ally of Venezuela, are right out there with Trump against Venezuela.

The only fight going on between neocons and liberals is which side gets and holds power by lying to and tricking the masses better.

Even the "notorious" Trump Tower meeting left Trump, Jr., with his "I love it" totally empty handed. Honestly, if Trump had, had back doors to Putin going way back, as alleged by morons such as Rachel Maddow, what the Hell would he have needed with that meeting?

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