Kim doesn't hate South Korea. He hates US imperialism. Trump's demands on Moon are backwards.

South Korea's President, Moon Jae-in, has the perfect opportunity to cut fantastic deals with Kim that Moon ought not squander.

The North and South must unify. They can do that by becoming one nation based on democratic-socialism. Neither needs Trump's okay. Both should ignore him and simply unify Korea.

Kim and Moon can start things off by being joint Presidents of the unified nation that would then undergo elections.

Complete amnesty should be declare concerning the entire time the North and South were divided.

They need a clean slate. They need a constitution that the North and South can accept without any dictation from the USA or China or any other nation or group of nations. It's their country. They are the Koreans. They are brothers and sisters, and let no one stand against them uniting in peace and prosperity for all.

Tom Usher

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