Excellent summary: "The US coup in Venezuela: New attempt to eradicate the Chavista Revolution," by Stansfield Smith

All exactly true, and the truth shall set you free while lies enslave you:

Nicolas Maduro was re-elected President of Venezuela on May 20, 2018 with 67% of the vote. Before the election, during the late spring and summer of 2017, anti-government protesters waged a violent street campaign and the opposition called for immediate presidential elections to terminate the Chavista revolution.

This attempted coup came to naught with the turnout in the July vote for the Constituent National Assembly. Then in the fall of 2017 the Chavista government and the opposition began meeting for mediation talks, facilitated by former Prime Minister of Spain Luis Zapatero, in the Dominican Republic. It was eventually agreed to call for early presidential elections, but in the meantime the opposition decisively lost gubernatorial elections and municipal elections.

Both the government and opposition were about to sign an accord, but the US intervened and pressured the opposition into abandoning the talks.
On January 22, the Venezuelan National Assembly adopted a statement accusing Maduro of "usurping" power and declaring all his decisions void. Maduro replied that he would hold the National Assembly accountable for ridiculing the country’s constitution. This National Assembly was held in contempt by the Supreme Court in 2016 after it defied the National Electoral Council and seated legislators whose elections were nullified on the basis of allegations of vote buying. Until the contempt of court determination is resolved, all decisions made by the National Assembly are unconstitutional, null and void.
The Guardian quoted Eric Farnsworth, a former US diplomat and vice-president of the Council of the Americas, who said “[Maduro might] turn sharpshooters on crowds and try to scare everybody back home.” This ploy of using sharpshooters to kill demonstrators has become a standard technique the US uses to instigate a coup. We saw it in Venezuela itself in 2002, in Iran 2008, in Syria in 2011, and the Ukraine in 2014. The corporate media would then begin a campaign about the cost of “world” inaction as Maduro allegedly massacres his own people, and the “world” (meaning the US) would be “forced” to intervene.
Nicolas Maduro was first elected president in 2013, and the record since then shows the US has unsuccessfully tried to repeatedly unseat him and eradicate the Bolivarian revolution. The record also shows the US and European Union have continually imposed harsher and harsher sanctions on Venezuela, increasing the suffering of the Venezuelan people in the name of “democracy” and “freedom.” Further coup attempts and sanctions are in the works.


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