On Venezuela, hey President Xi, figure it out already

The measures triggered higher global oil prices, angry responses from China and Russia and the first serious moves against Guaido since he challenged Maduro's claim on the presidency last week.
The Kremlin condemned the sanctions as illegal interference, while China said they would lead to suffering for which Washington would bear responsibility.


Okay, President Xi, which do you want to expend Chinese money on, more military equipment and dead Chinese soldiers in a war against the US or sending goods to Venezuela? Think about it. Price inflation in Venezuela is due to too much money chasing too few goods. Give the Venezuelan government the goods to sell, and inflation will drop like a lead balloon. The US neocons will lose hands down. It's either that or a pivotal domino in South America is knocked over by the fascist-neocons and fake liberals in the US out for one thing only: US plutocratic dominance over the entire planet, including China.

I totally disagree with you about democracy, but Venezuela must not fall under US hegemony regardless.

Tom Usher

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