Pinochet was the US neocons' fascist coup-leader in Chile, same neocons out to reinstall fascism in Venezuela. Don't forget it.

"Chilean judge sentences 6 people in ex-president's death."

"This is an unprecedented moment in the history of Chile, an assassination of this profile...ordered by Pinochet," said former President Ricardo Lagos.

Frei Montalva was succeeded by Salvador Allende as president in 1970. When he died on Jan. 22, 1982 at age 71, he was becoming an opposition force against Pinochet, who began his 17-year dictatorship by ousting Allende in a 1973 coup.

Salvador Allende was overthrown in a CIA-led coup. He was blatantly assassinated at Richard Nixon's okay. Henry Kissinger ran the thing for Nixon.

Allende was a democratic-socialist out for the poor, as usual. That's why he was murdered.

The neocons loved Pinochet. Pinochet was a monster. They want to do to Maduro what they did to Allende and for the exact same reason: greed. Once you know the truth, if you back the neocons, you're on the path to Hell.

Tom Usher

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