Well, well, it's about time the AFP told the other side of the story on Venezuela. Do you think the AFP was forced into it?

I told you that millions of Venezuelans will fight to the death against US imperialism. I also said the AFP is acting as a mouthpiece for the US neocons and fake-liberals out only for the US plutocracy. Well, here's an article proving they know the poor of Venezuela will not be dictated to by Trump, Pence, Pompeo, Bolton, or that snip of a Senator, Rubio, fascists all.

Any US military personnel worth their salt will stand up and say that they didn't sign up to go kill peasants in Venezuela whose benefactors have been on the left, not the right, and that Mike Pence, John Bolton, and their ilk are massive hypocrites who are only out to benefit the superrich in the US who greedily covet Venezuela's resources for themselves.

Regardless of any mistakes he made, Hugo Chavez was a blessing to the poor way beyond anything remotely suggested by the likes of the neocons and fake-liberal interventionists in the US.

God Bless the poor of Venezuela. May they prevail against the enemies of God.

Trump's Korea initiative has stalled. His peace plan for Palestine is nowhere to be seen. He wanted to pull out of Syria without a thought for the democratic-socialist Kurds. He's cozied up to the Saudis, who've only toyed with reforms and not even hinted at democracy. His Southern-border wall has flopped. He lost the House of Representatives. He'll not promote democracy in China when cutting his "trade deal" to end tariffs. He's completely back-assed concerning AGW (anthropogenic-cause global warming). He can't keep his private business empire separated from his position as President. His corporate-tax cuts have been an utter failure and not turned out anything like he promised, but who was counting on his false promises made to the American People? His foreign policy and practices are completely inconsistent and transparently so.

Look at what it took to get the US to stop overtly aiding the dictators of Saudi Arabia from slaughtering innocent children in Yemen? Meanwhile, Netanyahu's Goddamned regime shot how many unarmed, displaced, refugee teens in the back with Trump not even batting an eye? He's further undermined US legitimacy by scrapping the Iran nuclear deal because he wants ultra-right-wing forces in Israel to come to dominate the entire region, which would only weaken the US in every sense. The only thing major he's done right so far is not start a shooting war with Russia, and he might yet fail at that.

His real plan is furthering fascism. That's corporate dominion over the earth for the sake of plutocrats, of which he wants to be one and for his family to be major players after he leaves public office. He's personal empire building, not making America great.

And all the time, while the one thing he didn't do, which was collude with Putin, he has allowed the completely unconstitutional Mueller investigation to go on. Why? Money is why.

Because while he knows Putin and the Russian government did absolutely nothing wrong, he, Trump, needs the Russia-haters' backing to win reelection. That's why he illegally bombed Syria after a US false-flag "attack." That's why he's gone along with the utterly ridiculous Skripals false-flag by the British Tories, who lie with the best of them.

President Putin, who is the best major leader in the world today, still needs to up his game. The "West" has a target painted on his back, and taking down Maduro is part of the plan to get Russia. China is the ultimate target, but to take down China, the US plutocrats want Russia out of the way first. Therefore, Mr. Putin needs to muster the entire Russian People in a patriotic effort to counter the "West" everywhere on Earth.

I hate war. Peace is the only path to peace, but the "West" has no such desire. Until the citizens of the United States see the light, the planet is at mortal risk.

While the Peace Movement works within the US, the Russian People need to focus on improving their own productivity so they may wage soft-power war against the sociopathic US neocons and fake-liberals.

The Russians can't count on Xi of China to do the right thing. Each Russian will have to do the work of 5 Americans in the soft-power war. It's up to Mr. Putin to rally his People to rise to the occasion as they've never risen to anything else in their entire history. Yes, the Russians fought the Nazi war-machine and won; however, this time, they have the opportunity to do it as a real democracy for real democracy.

Encourage Xi to grasp the reality. He's been living in a bubble, an illusion. His dictatorship will doom China to servitude to the global plutocrats who have zero intention of taking orders from him or allowing him to continue giving orders in China. It will be a difficult thing to get through to him, but anything that can be gotten through must be gotten through.

China must aid Russia in aiding the Venezuelan poor, who are poor through no fault of their own but only because of the brutal, evil history of US imperialism in the Americas. If it doesn't, China doesn't stand a chance, democratic or otherwise.

Mr. Xi, send free consumer goods to the Venezuelan government to distribute to the Venezuelan poor first. Mr. Putin, make sure the Venezuelans have the gas they need for their economy to function. Get President Maduro to stop issuing currency that isn't matched by the availability of goods. Break the back of the US imperialists' efforts. Rally every nation you can to come to the aid of the Venezuelan poor. This IS a global revolution. Win it before it becomes a global hot war.

Tom Usher

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