In 1 day, Maduro can call for new elections provided after he wins (and he would), all sanctions are completely and permanently lifted

Maduro should state right now that he's for new elections where there would be only two candidates for the Presidency of Venezuela: Maduro versus the upstart, Guaido (who's backed by the US Empire).

He would attached the string that after the election is over and certified by the "international community," not the US, all sanctions against Venezuela and all Venezuelans would be immediately, completely, and permanently lifted; no further calls for any type of elections would ever be requested again against the democratic-socialist party of Venezuela or its duly elected members under the constitution of Venezuela; and all funds being held as of January 31, 2019, under the sanctions would be immediately returned to Venezuela or Venezuelan corporations or citizens, as the case may be.

Trump would have to sign on the dotted line to that end along with Pelosi, all the heads of the EU, Putin, and Xi.

Tom Usher

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