Trump versus the Democrats in Congress over so-called US intelligence: Both sides are comical but no relief

What a riot.

Just because Trump brands the US so-called intelligence experts as naive doesn't mean the "experts" aren't full of crap. They aren't experts in intelligence. They are nothing but lousy false-propagandists. Their falsehoods are so utterly transparent that countless Americans have been banned left and right from the mainstream for pointing it all out in no uncertain terms.

Big Brother is a doofus. And you're a lazy joke if you fall for his nonsense. Better wake up!

And Trump's policies towards Iran are foolish, counterproductive. The reason to be against the government of Iran is not that governments detestation of the fake Israel (the racist, land-thieving, murderous, Godforsaken, fake Israel), but the Iranian government's theocracy over transparent democracy, period.

Nevertheless, Iran has as much right to missiles as any other nation-state on the Earth, also period.

As for North Korea, the only reason they have nuclear weapons is because the US had them first, used them, and imbarked upon a series of "regime changes" one after another, all of which has only served to make the world a worse place.

Tom Usher

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