Trump and Bolton out for one thing in Venezuela: Oil control (MONEY!)

Kit Knightly:

What The Guardian did NOT mention is that John Bolton, Donald Trump’s neocon National Security Advisor, admitted that Maduro was right. He told Fox Business that Venezuela’s oil was a big motivation for Trump’s admin:

We’re in conversation with major american companies now…I think we’re trying to get to the same end result here…it will make a BIG difference to the American economy if we could have American oil companies invest in, and produce, Venezuela’s oil capabilities.”

There you have it – straight from the Walrus’ mouth.


It's the same old story, the US making war for MONEY!

It's called war-profiteering and war-racketeering in one. It's also called illegal. It's actually grounds for impeachment, removal, and imprisonment for life; but, don't hold your breath waiting for the fake liberals in the Democratic Party to bring the charges. They'll just hope the stupid Russiagate crap pans out. However, it's rather difficult to pan gold from crap.

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