Maduro versus the Fascist Empire

It's time to save us from capitalism / fascism / anti-democracy.

The fascists "want to deliver the country in pieces to the gringo empire and the local oligarchies." ~ Maduro to Venezuelan soldiers

He's absolutely right about that.

The US plutocracy is fascism. There is no doubt about it. Collectively, they are the corporatists ruling over America's fake democracy. They're out to rule the entire world under the same rubric. They argue amongst themselves but agree that anti-democracy is a must because democracy would mean they'd lose their power to rule to the People.

You hear lies, lies, lies from the fascists. Are you surprised?

They claim Maduro says there's no humanitarian crisis, but Maduro has openly stated that some 3 million could die in Venezuela due to the US-led sanctions against the Venezuelan government and People.

They don't mention those sanctions but rather try to pretend that Maduro's mismanagement is the cause of Venezuela's misery.

They never mention the unconstitutionality of the National Assembly.

They never mention Guaido's direct fascist connections.

They never mention where the violence started: with the fascists, not with Maduro supporters.

They never report the attacks by the fascists on the People and on the government and governmental officials. It's an old strategy. Just look at Gaza. The fake Israel is always portrayed as responding to attacks even when the fake Israel started the cycle of violence, not that, that's a good excuse for Gazans to mindlessly aid those fake Israelis by reacting exactly as those fake Israelis want: violently.

The lies are so extensive, it would take a book to outline them.

So, we have an openly fascist government running the United States of America, while the Republicans and Democrats argue over things that will never change it. The US government has been fascist going back how far? Even FDR said he saved capitalism from itself.

Just look at all the hypocrisy. The US government has never met a monster leader in another nation it didn't love just so long as that monster was a vassal. Guaido is sucking up to the US plutocrats so Guaido can be obscenely rich off Venezuelan resources and to Hell with the poor of Venezuela. Well, given a choice between further enriching the rich while further oppressing the poor and innocent, to Hell with Guaido and all who support him.

Many of the poor Venezuelans just don't know what's happening to their nation. They haven't studied decades of US fascist-imperialism in the Americas. They just want enough to eat, and the US fascists used that as a political tool. They cut off the nation so the poor will turn against the leader who actually wants them all to eat. They turn toward the liar backed by the Fascist Empire.

Look at this prime example of fascist-imperialists trying to dupe the world into misbelieving that the BDS Movement against the racist-fascist regime calling itself "Israel" is some sort of terrorist group or condones terrorism.

Also look at how the fascists turn to Florida, where there is plenty of support from the offspring of those who hate progressivism with every ounce of their being. Cuba was ruled by a horrific dictator overthrown by Castro and his fellows. The US mafia had been having a field day in Cuba. Does the fascist US press inform you about that while it builds up so many Floridians with dubious backgrounds? Sure, there are dupes in Florida who'd not be opposed to Maduro were they to know the whole truth, but that doesn't alter the fact. They aren't given the truth. They're given false-propaganda ad nauseam. Democracy is subverted; and, by definition, the dupes don't realize it.

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