What the US mainstream won't tell you about Venezuela (and China)

The Venezuelan National Assembly was sitting unconstitutionally by allowing people to vote who had been convicted.

Highly reputable international election observers and monitors said the election, that the US calls a sham, was free, fair, and the cleanest in the world.

The fascists boycotted the election because certain of their fascist criminal, terrorist, rioters weren't allowed to run and because the fascists were way behind in the polls and didn't stand a chance of winning.

Maduro hasn't allowed US "aid" because to do so would open up Venezuela to military invasion on "humanitarian" grounds.

Now, Maduro rejected holding Presidential elections soon, which was a mistake on his part. He should have dictated the election parameters to insure they are free and fair and that all sanctions would be permanently and immediately lifted after the official results.

China and the other nations backing Maduro have failed to send a fleet of ships loaded with humanitarian goods Venezuela needs and could accept without fear.

China can fight a soft-power war with the US or a hot one. Make no mistake, the US neocons and fake-liberals are out to "free" China.

Tom Usher

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