On Brexit, Corbyn, wake up!

If I write OMG, will that be taking the LORD's name in vain? No! It's an earnest plea.

I can't for the life of me understand why Jeremy Corbyn allows himself to be sucked into all the nonsense.

He leads the Labour Party. Look at the foundations of that Party, why it was started in the first place. Compare the reasons for Labour to exist against the EU.

What the Hell is the EU? It was nothing more than a ploy by corporate technocrats to gain undemocratic control of Europe.

Corbyn should never miss an opportunity to educate and reassert the facts and the principles involved. The UK remaining in the EU is a terrible idea for completely progressive reasons.

It would be better to fight the good fight and lose than to simply be crushed under an unaddressed pack of lies. However, fighting the good fight right now would not only not lose but would completely reinvigorate the youth who brought you to power.

Who brought Corbyn to power if not an extremely progressive youth who are being regularly bombarded with technocratic, anti-democratic nonsense about how great staying in the EU would be as opposed to leaving the damned thing and fighting in the UK for progressive policies and practices that would never, ever be allowed under the EU. Your followers are under psychological attack to change the subject. Wake them back up! Put them all back on track.

PM May is a total disaster in every way, but Corbyn is now behind her in the polls? He continues fighting on her turf rather than simply saying what needs to be said regardless of anything she says. She always tries to put Corbyn on the defensive when all Jeremy needs to do is change the subject right back via a question that shows May up for the huge hypocrite and serial liar that she is.

Oh well, if he isn't good enough, he'll lose anyway.

Oh, and to hell with the closet Netanyahu supporters in Labour. Rather than throwing non-anti-Semites out for supposedly being anti-Semitic, institute a Party rule that anyone claiming Labour is anti-Semitic or that its leader is, shall be immediately removed as a Party member.

Jeremy, the EU is fascist. Be brave. Stand right up and say it, take all the Tory jeering, than back up your statement with hard facts.

Lead or get out of the way for someone with the guts in Labour to say what must be said and to stick to it no matter what the lying Zionists and Tories say.

Tom Usher

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