Is the complaint genuine or sadistic? "Professor Suspended After Reading Literary Work Using N-Word"

"Professor Suspended After Reading Literary Work Using N-Word" goes way beyond what the title suggests.

The professor was directly quoting James Baldwin: "You can really only be destroyed by believing that you really are what the white world calls a nigger." Can you correctly quote Baldwin, a black man, by saying: "You can really only be destroyed by believing that you really are what the white world calls a n-word"? You can with some extensive explanation, but why have to do it? What's the point?

Why is the word when used in a completely academic setting, which setting was obviously anti-racist, out of bounds, when at the same time, black men and women use the same word at each other and don't seem to raise a stink?

Personally, I more than suspect that there is payback even against the completely innocent at work: a sick pleasure in unmerited power taken on the back of true empathy on the part of non-blacks concerning what blacks endured, and sometimes couldn't but died or were murdered, and still often endure because of real racism.

I liken this whole issue to the right-wing Zionists milking sympathy because the Nazis were anti-Jew. Those right-wing Zionist steal the land of Palestinians for many evil reasons, one of which is sick payback against the innocent. They have gotten away wit it so far because non-Jews, including many blacks who call each other nigger, have been afraid to speak the truth.

So, congratulations to you, you fake-liberals who got the professor suspended so you could feel more powerful.

I can't stand racism. I don't call black people niggers. I'm not anti-Jew. I'm pro-truth.

To Hell with the sentiment of white people who call blacks niggers or nigras or how ever else they twist it.

If you're black and stand against me, you're what, anti-self?

The school was weak to suspend the professor rather than teach the children. Yes, it's a college, but obviously we aren't dealing with adults here but people who have quite a bit of growing to do to deserve the label of maturity: chronologically, yes; intellectually and emotionally, no.

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