Sometimes Brother Nathanael simply nails it: "Botching A Coup In Venezuela" (video)

Brother Nathanael is of Jewish ethnic extraction. When he shows the star of David in this video, he's pointing clearly to Zionists of a particular bent, namely thieves. There used to be naive Zionists who hoped for a "modern Zionist" state where Arabs and Jews would be completely equal. Their hopes were dashed long ago.

One day, there will be a state where Arabs and Jews and all the rest will live equally, but it definitely will not be a continuation of the thing wrongly calling itself Israel today.

Brother Nathanael sees the wrongheaded Zionists behind the current foreign policy of the US run by neocons. He's totally correct.

Don't be tricked by the lying Zionists. He IS NOT an anti-Semite! He is a severe critic of the fake Israel and rightly so.

Tom Usher

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