The AP on Venezuela: All the news the government's false-propagandists authorize and nothing more

This bit from the AP conveniently leaves out the fact that the Supreme Court justice's reading of the Venezuelan constitution is exactly correct. It allows for the action Guaido has claimed is his right only in the case of the President being unable to carry out his duties and only if the National Assembly is seated constitutionally.

Maduro is only having difficulty governing because of US interference to overthrow him to get US control over Venezuela and especially its oil reserves.

The National Assembly violated the Venezuelan constitution when it seated people as voting members who had been convicted of election fraud.

A Venezuelan Supreme Court justice says the constitution does not include language for forming a transitional government as opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido claims.

Justice Juan Mendoza read a statement Friday on state TV saying that steps Guaido has taken are therefore null.

Guaido in late January declared that he had a constitutional right to assume the presidency, vowing to oust President Nicolas Maduro and restore democracy.

Justice Mendoza says Guaido is usurping presidential powers.

The pro-Maduro Supreme Court has already barred Guaido from leaving the country and frozen his bank accounts while prosecutors investigate what they call his anti-government activities.

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