Ilhan Omar, "Anti-Semitic tropes" is a PYSOPS and you were just placed under a spell: hypnotized, duped into apologizing for speaking truth to worldly power/money

"Anti-Semitic tropes" is rolled out regardless of whether there is any there, there in terms of what is being said against the right-wing Zionist terrorists and imperialists in the fake Israel.

Jewish money has nothing to do with anything. It has no influence. Nobody is ever bought and paid for by such money. Do you honestly believe that? You know you don't. You know you only got suckered into walking down that "anti-Semitic trope" line out of fear. Why fear them? They are weak.

If you cave, you lose!

Money, whether in right-wing Zionist or other hands, buys politicians right now by definition.

The most important lesson Ilhan Omar needs to learn is to never apologize unless wrong. The statement that AIPAC is loaded with money and buys votes in Congress is no lie! It is definitely not anti-Semitic to say it either. Plenty of Jews say it because those particular Jews aren't abject liars.

Tom Usher

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