Guaido is Satanic and John Bolton thinks you're an idiot or crook on board with stealing Venezuela's wealth. Are you on board? If so, you're both.

Guaido is a traitor to Venezuela. He's a sellout to the Gringo Empire. He's being bribed. He'll gladly rape his own country for a few extra bucks now.

Obviously, he's an atheist and mammon lover, not that all atheist would do what he's doing. It's just that if he believed in God, he'd be afraid of the repercussions at the hands of their lord (the Satanic spirit) to come after he dies in the flesh. Of course, Trump, Pence, Bolton, Pompeo, and all other neocons are atheists for exactly the same reason.

They give Christianity (God) a bad name. Right-wingers deliberately co-opted Christianity to twist it into something people would hate. It's been such a shame that so many progressives haven't understood Jesus's message at all.

Jesus was for sharing. He was against hoarding. He was for good government. Heaven is good government, all government, perfect government. There's no private sector in Heaven. He was for giving free lunch to everyone. That's what the feeding of the five thousand was. All that's been missing all these centuries is enough of the right spirit on the part of the People.

Jesus is for doing completely away with taxes while everyone still gets lunch for free.

It's such a shame the People can't read. It's such a shame they let the evil ones co-opt Christianity in name and twist it into something detestable when real Christianity is the most beautiful thing ever thought.

Stealing Venezuela from the People of Venezuela and Satan handing it over to the US plutocracy (his favorites):

On December 19, 2018, a proposal was put before the National Assembly: the “Plan for the Country, the Day After” [Plan País, el día después]. The “Plan” offers a roadmap for what is to be expected during the “democratic transition”. According to Banking and Business [Banca y Negocios], the plan outlines:

– “the reactivation of the productive apparatus […] by accessing the finances of multilateral banking”, read the International Monetary Fund;

– “removal of all controls, regulations and bureaucratic obstacles, and punitive measures”;

– “international investment within a regulatory framework that creates confidence and effective protection of private property”;

– “opening for private investment in public enterprises”;

– “ approval of a new Hydrocarbon Law that […] would allow for private capital to act as a majority shareholder in oil projects”;

– “the private sector will be responsible […] for the operation of utility assets”;

– “efficiency in order to reduce the size of the state”.

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