A Neocon load of crap about El Salvador

Don't fall for the lies the neocons tell over and over and over. It's what they do. They are nothing but a bunch of professional, greedy liars. There isn't an ethical bone in their bodies.

The following is a load of crap:

The Reagan administration regularly defended the El Salvador government's human rights record during the 1980s to justify the military aid being sent there to combat communist guerrillas, despite atrocities such as the El Mozote massacre and the December 1980 rape and murder of four American nuns.

The administration feared that if it did not support the El Salvadoran regime, the country could fall to the guerrillas and become a Soviet satellite state. Abrams has maintained that despite the El Salvadoran government's abuses and flaws, the people of that nation would have suffered far more if the country had fallen to communist rule. [Source]

The fact is that El Salvador was the home of the disappeared, some 30 thousand. There was a mountain side where the US-backed death squads would simply dump the thousands of bodies of completely innocent El Salvadorans who wanted to be free from banana-republic dictatorship.

The only thing the Reagan administration feared was that the US plutocracy would no longer control the entire hemisphere. Look what happened in Nicaragua when the Sandinistas won. Did Nicaragua become worse off? Absolutely not! Did the Sandinistas give up power democratically? Absolutely!

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