Ilhan Omar put the neocon-Zionists, Trump and Abrams, on notice concerning Venezuela

Ilhan Omar's questions posed to convicted war-criminal Elliot Abrams informed the Trump administration that it will not get a pass if it engages in any war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, or any other such actions, concerning Venezuela.

The neocons attempted but failed to change the subject to fake anti-Semitism.

What will the neocons do, gerrymander Ilhan Omar out of being reelected? Any attempt to do so would be seen for what it is.

I don't know how much people comprehend what has happened: the huge shift taking place.

Consider the twist of fate, the poetic justice, that is a Muslim, a woman, and an immigrant from Somalia rolled into one being elected to the US House of Representatives where she put a right-wing-Zionist fascist on trial and won. Elliot Abrams better walk on eggshells, because Ilhan has vastly more power than he ever has or will. What's more, she's only going to get better and better at standing up for truth against neocon false-propaganda.

President Donald Trump has been speaking about Ilhad in ways that indicate he hasn't a clue about the extremely serious danger he has allowed himself to be placed in by following John Bolton rather than in firing him. Trump was a fool ever hiring Bolton.

Right now, Trump is not the US President when it comes to Venezuela. Pence, Pompeo, Rubio, and Bolton are collectively the President when it comes to Venezuela. Trump will end up more embarrassed than Ronald Reagan was when Reagan had to plea senility concerning Iran-Contra. Reagan probably was already showing signs of Alzheimer's. However, he was still disgraced, not that he had much credibility, if any, before that.

Trump, Pence, Pompeo, Rubio, and Bolton have loss every debate, every point they've tried to trick the American People and youth into accepting. It's only going to get worse for them.

The neocons are now trying to claim that Maduro has used torture. What irony! Trump wants to waterboard people to this very day. All neocons were more than fine with torturing people, innocent people. What we have is the black kettle calling the white pot black. You can reverse the colors if you have some stupid PC-issue with the statement: What we have is the white kettle calling the black pot white. Maybe that's more appropriate since there's still so much white supremacism running through Trump, Pence, Pompeo, Rubio, and Bolton. Yes, Rubio.

Tom Usher

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