The German Health Minister, Jens Spahn, wants to throw homosexually raped children under the bus

Jens Spahn doesn't care that homosexually raped children go from completely heterosexual to sexually confused because of the acts of homosexual predators against them. Some children think they deserve it. Some don't understand the physical sensations being imprinted upon them by the abusive acts.

Meanwhile, homosexuals are out in front of making it illegal for such children, and even adults, to seek professional help in regaining their heterosexual natures, what they were comfortable with because of their natures. Spahn and those like him don't care. They are only interested in protecting themselves. They are sick. He is mentally ill. His position clearly shows it.

The German People would be fools to go along with Spahn and his pro-child-sexual-abuse position. His position is the broad way to Hell. Go down it with him, and you end up there.

You'll notice that false arguments against helping the children to regain their natures still include wild claims that no modern mental-health practitioner engages in. You'll also notice that the "homosexuality is immutable" meme is dead. It died of facts.

Do you care more about protecting the sick Spahn or healing the children who've suffered at the hands of homosexual predators and rapists?

Tom Usher

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