Angela Merkel has been listening to Tulsi Gabbard on the INF?

"China is traditionally a land power and the Chinese military is a ground force," Yao said.

"If China is to enter into these kinds of negotiations, I think it ought to be more comprehensive to include not only land-based but also air and sea-based strike capabilities ... and that would be hugely complicated," she said. [Source]

So what?

Tulsi Gabbard put forth a vision for proceeding with maintaining and enhancing the INF (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces) Treaty rather than scrapping it, as Trump has supposedly done.

Of course, Tulsi and Angela are correct that including China would be the way to go. The entire world should come under a new agreement/treaty without scrapping the existing one. Putin would help as much as anyone to accomplish the goal. Xi would end up having no choice or be isolated.

Merkel's instincts about Putin are telling her that he is not the problem. She has always tread way too lightly rather than speaking aggressively for truth; but, knowing she's on her way out (due to her own weakness), she can go out without fear for herself politically. It will be better than not that she stands up and not cave into Trump.

Tom Usher

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